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Jan 22, 2020 AR WIZARD
Introducing a new data mining program, developed by WSA specifically for ABLM.NET
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Oct 23, 2019 NEW CLIENT
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AR Wizard
The AR Wizard is a data mining program, developed by WSA specifically for ABLM.NET. It will convert virtually any Accounts Receivable aging from its original format (.PDF, Text File or Excel) into a .DAT file (comma-delimited) that ABLM.NET can read and import. The AR Wizard allows you to create a template for a specific client, which can be used over and over again for each subsequent Aging.

Once the A/R Aging data has been converted and imported into ABLM.NET you can then set your ineligible parameters, such as: Invoices over 90 days old, 25% Cross Aging, etc. ABLM.NET will then calculate the ineligible amounts, as well as re-calculate the aging spread history and identify the top 10 high concentration debtors. This information can then be sent to various locations within ABLM.NET to update the Availability, populate Aging Spread history, update High-Concentration history, as well as send a copy of the Ineligible Report to StuckyNet-Link.NET, so that the borrower may review it as well.

To get a demonstration of this powerful tool please contact Alan Jasenovic at Alan.Jasenovic@StuckyNet.com.
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We were the first company to offer such systems to run on a PC -- and the first and only company to recognize that powerful, dependable systems and services can be offered at reasonable prices. Let us demonstrate to you and your associates why we have installed more successful computer systems for Asset-Based Lenders than all competing software companies combined.

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Demonstrations are available in WSA's San Francisco office or remotely
WSA welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate the power and performance (ease & efficiency, scope & flexibility) of our software solutions. Our software products provide you with powerful and unique tools to help you manage your portfolio. Let us demonstrate why we have installed more lending systems than all competing software companies combined. A remote demonstration is available upon request, via WebEx. Please contact us or submit a request for additional information.

Asset Based Lending
The ABLM.NET Asset-Based Lending System is based on the most widely used ABL software in the world: NT\ABL from William Stucky & Associates, Inc. Lenders worldwide have relied on WSA software products for over 33 years to monitor their ABL portfolios. WSA’s newest product, ABLM.NET, is a browser-based Microsoft.NET application running against a MS SQL Server database, allowing users to login from any computer with an internet connection while ensuring the security of sensitive data and delivering high performance and scalability.
A remote demonstration is available upon request.

ABLM.NET Features
- Tracking of Collateral and Loan Balances
- Collateral and Loan Ledgers
- Daily and Monthly Activity Reports
- Calculation of Month End Interest and Fees
- Multi-Currency Capability
- Accounts Receivable Detailing and Audit Verification
- General Ledger Interface

Microsoft.NET Platform Microsoft’s .NET Framework allows you to deploy the ABLM.NET application to any computer using any web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Adobe Acrobat .PDF files and Cold Storage Report Archive All reports within the ABLM.NET system can be saved as .PDF files and placed into Cold Storage. Cold Storage allows archiving of all daily and monthly reports within the database itself. This allows for a higher level of security of archived historical reports and guarantees that back up copies of the Report Archive are made in conjunction with the nightly database backup.

Multiple Languages
ABLM.NET supports multiple languages and different regional formats to allow a single system to be used by many offices located in different countries.

Please contact Alan Jasenovic at +1 (435) 336-2957 or via E-Mail: Alan.Jasenovic@StuckyNet.com for additional information or to request a brochure.

Online Client Service
Making life easier for your Operations Department:

Offer Internet services to your borrowers and gain a competitive edge over other lenders
Increase back-office efficiencies and the savings that will directly impact your bottom line

Our Mission
WSA offers StuckyNet-Link.NET (SNL) as the Internet solution for Asset-Based Lenders. SNL has generated enormous excitement and is available as an added convenience to you and your borrowers.

SNL will increase the efficiency of your operations department and reduce clerical errors and labor. Borrowers are able to access their loan and collateral ledgers, ineligibilities and status report using StuckyNet-Link. Your borrowers can have access to their loan information around the clock. This extended access increases your service level to borrowers while freeing up your collateral analysts to concentrate on other responsibilities.

Replace emails, faxes or overnight packages and enjoy the ease of having all information sent and stored electronically – thus eliminating the need for storage rooms and the expense of retrieving documents. Borrowers are able to complete a borrowing base posting and attach back-up (invoice & collection registers) online. SNL accepts ALL types of electronic documents. Information is sent securely via the Internet. Upon review and acceptance of information sent by your borrowers, borrowing base postings can be updated automatically into your WSA loan system with the click of a mouse, eliminating the need to retype the information.

A remote demonstration is available upon request. Please contact Rosanne Doyle at +1 (678) 682-8184 or via E-Mail: Rosanne.Doyle@StuckyNet.com a request for additional information.

Commercial Products
Nova Commercial Services is our premier factoring software. NovaCS is a time tested solution for the international and domestic lender. WSA has employed state-of-the-art Microsoft and web technologies to deliver real time information to both internal and external users. NovaCS is scalable across many users, offices, and countries; easily meeting the demands of the multi-billion dollar factor and its sophisticated borrowers.

NovaCS is designed to provide the lender with maximum flexibility in financial products and pricing. NovaCS is a full commercial services system including modules to support bulk A/R, inventory, documentary and standby letters of credit, purchase guarantees, and term/mortgage loans.

Understanding the paper and people intensive nature of factoring, WSA designed NovaCS with many EDI and web interfaced programs that allow both clients and customers to communicate electronically with the factor. Client entry of credit requests, invoice details, along with daily and monthly report retrieval via web portal offer both time and money savings to lender and client alike.

Automated application of cash receipts from bank lockbox files, credit scoring for automated decisions on a single order and revolving credit lines, document storage and fully customizable general ledger feed allow NovaCS to work for you. The system supports multi-currency processing and will accommodate multi-country portfolios.

Primary Functions of NOVA-CS
- New Business Administration
- Client Administration
- Facility/Loan Maintenance
- Letters of Credit
- Customer Credit
- EDI Interfaces
- Invoice Processing
- Remittance Processing
- CID-Customer Identification
- Collection
- Bad Debt Collection
- Reporting

To fully appreciate the power and ease of NovaCS\Factoring please contact our office to schedule a demonstration. Sales information is available from WSA by contacting Rosanne Doyle at +1 (678) 682-8184 or via E-Mail: Rosanne.Doyle@StuckyNet.com.

William Stucky & Associates, Inc. is happy to introduce the latest addition to the WSA suite of software products, STRATUS. STRATUS is a multi-currency, multi-language, comprehensive, end-to-end factoring software system. The design is modular to allow the factor to grow the system as their client needs to grow.

The base system allows the lender to support a complete transaction cycle including:

- Invoice Entry
- Customer Credit Line Management
- Dunning and Collection Management
- Remittance Processing
- Client Advances
- Client, Customer, and Management Reporting
- Bulk Collateral and Loan Management - ABL

Features include cold storage reporting, real-time updates to client and customer balances, general ledger reports, and workload queuing. The .NET framework supports the Stratus scalable and versatile application sitting on an SQL database.

William Stucky & Associates, Inc. would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the scope and power of this latest addition to our line of software products. For additional information please contact Rosanne Doyle at +1 (678) 682-8184 or via Email: Rosanne.Doyle@StuckyNet.com.

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